Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Young Money

Are they one of the hottest Squads of all Time???? Da Roster is crazy

Awwwww Mannn!!!!!!

Dis Nigga Wayne Thats all I Gotta Say

Here go the verse but if ya'll really wann hear the whole song i got u


Here it is Trae ft Lil Wayne and Rick Ross Incredible

Friday, January 22, 2010

Down South Beef....... Brisco vs So Icey?????

Brisco dissin So Icey.....Im not sure exactly where the beef started, But apparently Brisco says his name was mentioned. Now in a track off of "The State vs Radric Davis" titled "Heavy" Gucci quoted "Wish a nigga would run up on me like im Brisco."

No matter where the beefs started Brisco throws shots at Gucci, OJ, and Wacka Flocka.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tunez On The Beat


Tone Trump Top Notch

To some, growing up in the rough streets of West Philadelphia could be a great effort, to someone like Tone Trump it was the beginning of his destiny. Growing up Tone Trump’s family had a strong musical background and his natural ability to excel at almost anything made him a musical force easily at an early age. His passion and motivation came from his influential mother, a mother that expressed both belief and hope in everything he set out to accomplish.

A multi faceted man, Trump was also a natural basketball prodigy. But not being able to resist the temptations of the streets, his basketball career fizzled after being expelled from high school. Although at the time it was devastation, it was exactly what helped him decide to focus his attention on music. Thanks to his solid foundation instilled as a child, Trump fought through the strife and quickly managed to become a Hip Hop Icon.

Influenced by such legends as Schooly D, The Fresh Prince, E.S.T., Cool C and Spade-O, Trump brings a new energy and a new life to the Hip Hop genre. Not only a brilliant artist, Trump is a devoted community activist. In addition to his annual clothing drives, he has spoken at numerous press conferences regarding violence in Philadelphia, and in 2007 was invited to speak at City Hall on different occasions to lend his voice to the community. Trump furthered this notion to end senseless crime in Philadelphia by appearing in and recording music for the soundtrack of “Close to Death”, a Docu-Drama about the murder rate in Philadelphia. He has gone on a National Tour with the “National Exodus Council”, which included performances in Prisons, Schools, and venues across the country to continue getting the message of non violence to his fans and the community.

In February of 2007, he was picked as a “Favorite Philadelphian” along with Jon Bon Jovi and Chase Utley in the Philadelphia Weekly. He has been featured on MTV’s T.R.L., Fox29, NBC 10, ABC and WYBE. In 2008 he was voted “MySpace Artist of the Year” at the Philadelphia Hip Hop awards and also received the award for “Clothing Line of the Year” for Merk Material. He has been nominated for the “Philadelphia Music Awards” and the “East Coast Hip Hop Awards”. His career has been followed by media so frequently that Trump has been featured on nearly every major Hip Hop website and publication such as Ozone Magazine, Foundation Magazine, AllHipHop.com and more.

Not only a rapper, athlete, and activist, Trump defines the word Entrepreneur. A partner in the Merk Material Clothing Line, Trump also formed Top Notch Inc. in 2007 with his partner Jon “Tinsel” Lis. Today Top Notch Inc. consists of 6 artists and successfully dominated the local scene with a flood of mixtapes and live performances.

For most people this would be enough, for Tone Trump it is simply the offspring of his first passion, music. Having been featured on major radio stations across the county, Sirius Satellite Radio, and numerous Internet Radio Stations, Trump continues to release single after single, all gaining critical acclaim. Having worked with some of the top producer’s in the country, his latest works have dominated the internet and radio waves. He has opened for top names in the business such as 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Gym Class Heroes. His live performance is truly a testament to his illustrious personality and unparalleled energy.

There is no doubt that Tone Trump is a legend in the making and 2009 may prove it. With a movie he co-wrote on the way called “Bustin the Traps” and his new album entitled “New Blood”, plan on seeing a lot more of the tattoos, big beard, and swag that can only define the awe-inspiring Tone Trump.



Snoop and Jay I Wanna Rock Remix

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Shit

Sox in the Air Remix-Shizz Nitty, Chuck 50, Sap, and Meek Mill

This shit Fire right here........

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jay-Z Responds to Birdman

Says his bank account is crazy lol

Video Provided by DatPiff.com

Wacka Flocka Flame Shot

Earlier today at an Atlanta gas station So Icey recrding artist Wacka Flocka was shot twice in an attempted robbery. Apparently a few unknown men walked up to Wacka Flocka and demanded his jewelry, one the victim refused shots were fired and he was hit twice. Lets wish him the best....

Insane Instrumentals

Lil Wayne Instrumentals lets go

1.30 Minutes To New Orleans Instrumental
2.Real As They Come Instrumentals
3.Shes Freaky Instrumental (Dedication IV Exclusive)
4.Pump That Bass Instrumental
5.Something You Forgot Instrumental
6.Best Rapper Alive Instrumental
7.Breaking My Heart Instrumental
8.Red Rum Instrumental
9.Cannon Instrumental
10.Brand New Money Instrumental
11.A Millie Instrumental
12.Prom Queen Instrumental
13.3 peat Instrumental
14.Bullshit Instrumental
15.Gossip Instrumental
16.Drop The World Instrumental
17.Instrumentals - Lil Wayne - Let The Beat Build
18.Instrumentals - Lil Wayne - On Fire
19.Instrumentals - Lil Wayne - On Fire

Insane Instrumentals

This the one right here get ya'll download on. Gucci Instrumentals

Mixtape Tracks1.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Sttupid Wild
2.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Spotlight
3.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Classical
4.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - GingerBread Man
5.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Heavy
6.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - All About The Money
7.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Bad bad
8.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Bingo
9.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Kush Is My Cologne
10.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - I Think I Love Her
11.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Lemonade
12.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Ball Till You Fall
13.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Bitches Wanna
14.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Burrr
15.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - I Got All Of That
16.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - In My Business
17.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - On Deck
18.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - 3rd Quarter
19.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Trap House
20.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Pyrex Pot
21.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - You Know What It Is
22.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Beat It Up
23.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Love For Money
24.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - My Kitchen
25.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Shirt Off

Frontline Meets Shade 45 The Mixtape

Frontline Brings the heat what more can I say.... The Brodeo Day album was crazy like everybody knows that.... We're gonna be hearing a lot from Frontline this year nuff said........





Frontline Meets Shade 45 (Click Cover to Download)

1.DJ Self Intro
2.Big Rod - Hustla
3.T Dot, Big Rod, Cato - F.L.B
4.T Dot, Big Rod, Cato - Dont Kno
5.Shade 45 Premier - You In The Way
6.T Dot, Big Rod, Cato - G'z is Wit Me
7.DJ Self Drop
8.Frontline Interview At Shade 45
9.Shade 45 Premier - All Crazy
10.Shade 45 Freestyle pt. 1
11.Shade 45 Freestyle Pt. 2
12.Dj Self Drop
13.Shade 45 Listeners Battle - Jersey Jersey
14.T Dot - They Say
15.T Dot, Big Rod, Cato - Born in 85
16.Rudder, T Dot - Gotta Show Em

Monday, January 18, 2010

Meek Mill Wire 4.5

Just in case niggas thought he was going to commercial lol

New Nicki Minaj

This is for all the Barbies, I know I be throwing salt on the Whole "Barbie" movement, but I do not have a problem with Nicki as an artist or as a person. If her movement is that strong hopefully she will become a positive role model for all of the young women in America, because she has the power to do so. Her voice is very strong amongst our young women, she could really do a lot of good. But meanwhile back @ the ranch here's the new track from Miss Nicki Minaj.

It's Called "Your Love" lets gooooooo!!!!!!.... Click on the Graphic for the download

(I Hope ya'll like this Jawn i dont see nuthin wrong with it)

This graphic was done by a young woman on myspace the graphic was entered into Nicki's Myspace Wonder Woman Competition. Her Url is myspace.com/562love. Excellent job on the graphic

Travis Porter

New Shit from Travis Porter Soulja Boy Twista Arab hook is catchy and the beat is cool def something tat can be layed in the club i wouldnt suggest you to blast this drivin down the street

Quilly Millz

This video features two tracks off of the Haines Street Hustler 4 def a good project
Quilly Millz http://www.myspace.com/quillymillz215 http://www.facebook.com/QuillyMillz

Meek Mill Preview

Courtesy of Triniity entertainment full interview coming soon
youtube.com/triniiityentertainme and check out

Rep Ur Set - Shizz Nitty

Shizz Nitty def be doin his thing puttin on for Delaware and the Whole Tri State


This cat is def hot to me he does his thing on youtube http://www.youtube.com/grandmaondrums

Dream Killaz- Starrz ft. J. Oliver

Dream Killaz- Starrz ft. J. Oliver

Lives On The Line - Spliff Star

Pres Obama Speaks on Haiti relief

Wylef Speaks on Haiti Relief

New Haddy DopeBoy Swag/Turn It Out

New Haddy Shit CTM 2 Coming in March Lets Goooo!!!!

Medicine - Plies ft Keri Hilson

Behind The Scenes