Monday, February 8, 2010

Hip Hop Heads Vol. 1 Infamy Tv

The purpose of the nation of hiphopheads [] is to spread a diff sound of hiphop...the leader is not only the president but also an artist and a fan...while promotin his music and pushing the sound of other artist and producers the purpose of this site is to create a network of folks who eat breath and shit hiphop...from hardcore to battle raps from grimey to flashy we host it all...the latest hiphop gossip and topics can be found here...not even a year in the game and already makin a name we are known for free promos for artist and producers and well known for keep hiphop fans in the loop about new up and coming artist to independent artist and mainstream artist...simply put is the home of Mr. Infamy aka AntDamnit! the leader of the HipHopHeads cult...50% Da Hoodfellas eMCee Poet HipHopHead.

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1.Vol.1 Intro
2.KJ Spittin Intro
3.Let Me At Em [KJ Spittin]
4.Loch Intro
5.Put U On [Loch]
6.DaUBoys Intro
7.Boyfriend [DaUBoys]
8.Mr. Infamy Intro
9.Still Do My Thang [Mr. Infamy]
10.TreShaun Intro
11.State Ment [TreShaun]
12.NittyNill Intro
13.Down To The Nitty Gritty [NittyNill]
14.E.N.Y Intro
15.Block RockStar [E.N.Y.]
16.Ashy L Bowz Intro
17.Hood [Ashy L Bowz]
18.iGoon Dosha Intro
19.A-Yo [iGoon Dosha]
20.Da Hoodfellas Intro
21.Hiatus [Da Hoodfellas]
22.Mista Flo Intro
23.BadSide 2k10 [Mista Flo]
24.SouthPhilly Mel Intro
25.Obtain Big Bank [SouthPhilly Mel]
26.Vol.1 Outro