Monday, January 3, 2011

Deucez Wyled vs Teves

Who is Deucez Wyled? Who is Teves? Where do we begin with these upcoming artist? Let us start by saying that they are both young talented emcee's from Philadelphia, Pa. Where did the beef come from? Deucez Wyled was supposedly kicked out of the group (Jagon Swaggin) about a month or two ago, ever since then there have been small back and forth bickering between Deucez Wyled and member of Jagon Swaggin. At the end of the day this is hip hop how do you settle tensions in rap better than a diss track. The beef escalated a few weeks ago when members of Jagon Swaggin called up to DJ Tony Flairs' THA UNDERGROUND LOUNGE radio show while Deucez was getting an interview. Words were exchanged and both parties were angry after the whole ordeal. Some time after that a physical altercation went down between Deucez and Teves which led to "Game Time"

The track didnt have a lot of promo behind it but was leaked on Dec 22, 2010. A few days later Teves released "Tha Death of Deucez"

This track/video was promoted a little better than "Gametime" and it has a video, which gives Teves the upper hand because fans can view something instead of just listening to a diss track. After "Tha Death of Deucez" was dropped Deucez Wyled released "Resurrection of Deucez"

Click to Download "Resurrection of 2'z"

I have given u a brief description of the beef and a few tracks that were released to fuel the beef, now im going to let you decide who is in the lead..... "Deucez vs Teves"

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