Thursday, August 5, 2010

DMV's own "Lil Bill"

As a young artist coming from an area where talent is not frequently acknowledged or observed, Nathaniel Sherrod Jr. aka DMV’s Lil Bill is one to take a stand.

Born May 11, 1990 in Temple Hills, MD but living in Southern Maryland the majority of his life, this rapper/singer/producer & songwriter, managed to gain the respect of his peers in the DMV and abroad. Lil Bill is a dynamic combo of energy and swagger that instantly demands attention and accolades from music lovers, buyers, critics, and other established musicians themselves. Lil Bill’s style varies from “the cookouts”, the parties, intense conversations that ignite from his impeccable delivery and narrative storytelling skills.

Graduating from Thomas Stone High School in Waldorf, MD in 2008 he also attended CCBC Essex Community College; Bill came upon the music scene in late September of 2009 after performing in numerous cities and events and recording numerous songs that were getting the attention of locals. “And to think all this started after a couple of college buddies were joking around in a studio, but I got serious.” – Lil Bill

Brooklyn West Records/ Bungalo Records/ Universal has offered a recording deal contract in January 2010; Lil Bill has yet to make a decision. Lil Bill’s anticipated debut project “One Sided Story” is to be released late Fall/Winter 2010. Bill is a complete musician repping his home whose music demands a true shot at stardom.

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