Thursday, December 30, 2010

Myke Kewl - Victory Freestyle

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lil Wayne - 6'7" ft Cory Gunz

BirdMan - Fire Flame Official Video

Rihanna - Whats My Name feat Drake

Damn It Feels Good to be a Taylor

Wiz Khalifa - Real Estate

Holla At Me - Privaledge

Romans Revenge Freestyle - Meek Mill

Jim Gotti Speaks on Philly Rappers

Gangsta Hop - Waka Flocka feat Gillie Da Kid and Meek Mill

How Good - Dave Patten ft Meek Mill

Michael Vick - Bones & Grit

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yes God Tv - T.Kane Full Story

FoQus Music Ent. Introduces: Casper G

Derek Jackson Jr., better known as "Casper G.", made his Earthly debut on December 1st, 1988, in the city of Plain eld, New Jersey. With both parents exceedingly involved in the world of music, it soon became a second language for him. Growing up, names such as Sade, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, were as common as his own siblings. Throughout the years, he came to discover the place where his passion was rooted. This new place he would call home, was Hip Hop. Overwhelmed by the way words were combined to paint pictures or tell a never ending story, it wasn't long before he began to illustrate his own art. At the early age of 9 years old he composed his first lyrics. "I'm only Nine, and still design some of the phattest lines you ever heard, and that's my word . . . " Casper G., backed by New Jersey's Fastest Growing Record Label, FoQus Music Ent. LLC., is now on his way to making his dream a musical reality. Featured on the label's upcoming "Ready Or Not: Mixtape." Casper adds his exceptional form of expression into a mixing pot of other accomplished artists. With anticipation amplifying daily, this artist has created a buzz unfamiliar to the average, developing a sound that you just have to appreciate.
" . . . Nowadays, everybody claims they're one of the best, but I'm only here because I got a couple things on my chest. Just listen."


< Click to Download "BMF Freestyle">

Ms.Ashley - "Billy" (Full Download)

Click to Download "Billy"

GrindTime - Ami Miller vs Young Gattas

San Fran Freestyle

Bones - Holla @ Me

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Philly Swain and Av Nutt - Right Right.... Wise Guys Up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Philly Swain & AV Nutt - Right Right from fran sacchetta on Vimeo.

Sicker Than Ya Average Vol. 5

Click Cover For Download

1.Fat Joe Ft. Rico Love- No Problems
2.Grafh - Dat Bread
3.J Cardim-What You Sayin (Feat Styles P Masspike Miles Tuge French Montana)
4.Busta Rhymes-Stop The Party (Remix) (Feat. T.I., Cam'ron, Ghostface Killah, & DMX) 5.Lloyd Banks-The Warm Up Freestyle
6.Fabolous - Cakes
7.Rick Ross-No. 1 (Feat. Diddy & Trey Songz)
8.Busta Rhymes-You Ain't Fuckin' With Me (Feat. Cam'ron)
9.Royce Da 5'9-Walking In The Rain-HIF
10.Rick Ross Ft Raekwon - Audio Meth
11.J. Cardim-Hood 2 (Feat. Sheek Louch, Sha Stimuli, Joe Budden)
12.Ransom-China White
13.Tone Trump - Hard In The Paint Freestyle
14.Curren$y Ft Wiz Khalifa - Scaling The Building
15.WC-Thats What I'm Talking Bout
17.Pusha T-Bidding War
18.Everybody Know (Feat. Ransom) (Produced by Harry Fraud)
19.Drake - Do It All
20.Big Rod Ft. Smitty and Blockz - Star In The Hood
21.Fabolous-One Life (Feat. Rock City)
22.Balboa Miss Number One ft Konrad ProdbyHello World

Fresh In The Game Mixtape (Download Right Now)

Click Cover to Download

1.Peedi Crakk - All Guns Loaded
2.Nas The Cook Ft. Oschino and Smitty The Passenger - We Gone Ball
3.E. Ness - Bad Situation
4.KJ Spittin Freestyle
5.Philly Swain Ft. Apple Martini - On The Mic Freestyle
6.Scorp Da Boy - Balcony Broccoli
7.Young Chris Summer Warm Up Freestyle
8.Liffey Da Rapper - Days Of Our Lives
9.Philly Swain Ft. Natee and Lord Lamar - WG Gang
10.Nimeem and Deucez Wyld - 99 Problems
11.Jakk Frost Ft. Peedi Crakk and Waka Flocka Flame - Puttin in that work
12.Tone Trump Ft. Dylan - Haters Goodbye
13.Reed Dollaz Ft. E. Ness and Peedi Crakk - On My Money Shit
14.Byrd Ft. Gillie Da Kid - Bop Like This
15.O-Traffic Ft. Young Hot and Mont Brown - Recognize A Star
16.KJ Spittin Ft. Decuez Wyled, Eskee, Psypha and Tunez - MOB
17.Meek Mill - Im Leering
18.Liffey Da Rapper - All We Kno Is Go
19.Chiddy Bang Ft. XV and Killer Mike - Never Been Rmx
20.Jakk Frost - Breathless
21.T Dot Ft. Journalist - I Know
22.Zur, Plus Tax, Hanniball - Hello Good Morning Freestyle
23.Chill Moody - Purple Tape Shit

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Non - Fiction - ND$ (Nasser Da Savage)

This is a must download I repeat A MUST DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!

(Click Cover to Download)

12.I KNW

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deucez Wyled

Deucez Wyled is a confident aggressive rapper from Philadelphia,Pa. He brings his originality and delivery together to bring you songs like "Red Rum", "Get My Name Buzzin", and "Got What You Need" Just to name a few. We have been following Deucez Wyled for a while now and he has yet to let us down. Bringing hot music track after track. This is just a warning....... The beast is going to be released in an area near you.... Just Tune In!!!! and Listen

(Click Cover For Download)


(Click Cover for Download)

1.P.S.A Intro
2.Red Rum
3.I Want Da Money
4.Shy Bitch ft. Lil Wayne and Bash Rockz
5.2Late w/ T.E.F. and Bash Rockz
6.Unthinkable Remix ft. Alicia Keys
7.Get My Name Buzzin
8.Stack Dat ft. Bash Rockz
9.What's On Da Menu
10.24 Piece Combo
11.Haterz- KJ Spittin and Deucez Wyled
12.Step Up N Da Club w/ T.E.F. and Bash Rockz
13.Problemz (Produced by TunezBol) w/ TunezBol and Nieem
14.Troublemaker ft. Bash Rockz
15.People Make The World Go Round ft. Reek (Produced by Kid Class)

Wreckreation - Liffey Da Rapper

(Click Cover For Download)


Thursday, August 5, 2010

DMV's own "Lil Bill"

As a young artist coming from an area where talent is not frequently acknowledged or observed, Nathaniel Sherrod Jr. aka DMV’s Lil Bill is one to take a stand.

Born May 11, 1990 in Temple Hills, MD but living in Southern Maryland the majority of his life, this rapper/singer/producer & songwriter, managed to gain the respect of his peers in the DMV and abroad. Lil Bill is a dynamic combo of energy and swagger that instantly demands attention and accolades from music lovers, buyers, critics, and other established musicians themselves. Lil Bill’s style varies from “the cookouts”, the parties, intense conversations that ignite from his impeccable delivery and narrative storytelling skills.

Graduating from Thomas Stone High School in Waldorf, MD in 2008 he also attended CCBC Essex Community College; Bill came upon the music scene in late September of 2009 after performing in numerous cities and events and recording numerous songs that were getting the attention of locals. “And to think all this started after a couple of college buddies were joking around in a studio, but I got serious.” – Lil Bill

Brooklyn West Records/ Bungalo Records/ Universal has offered a recording deal contract in January 2010; Lil Bill has yet to make a decision. Lil Bill’s anticipated debut project “One Sided Story” is to be released late Fall/Winter 2010. Bill is a complete musician repping his home whose music demands a true shot at stardom.

Click to Download "Gon Get Wet"
Follow Him @dmvlilbill


For awhile, 8/20 was a huge secret which heightened the anticipation of fans everywhere using this spoof video as the 1st clue to what it was...
1st Clue to 8/20

Started by Hip Hop Artist Dosage, who just came off opening up for Lupe Fiasco & B.o.B on the Lasers Tour, and his company 3D, 8/20 is a showcase for several artists of different genres including Beano, an R&B singer, 787, a Rock/Rap band, Kidd Fresh, another Hip Hop artist whose single 'Bird is the Word' gets spins on 100.3 The Beat and many more. DJ Ferno will be holding down the turntables while Sik the Photographer captures every moment of this unforgettable night.

Here is the official Promo Video for 8/20...

This event will take place Friday, August 20th at 49th and Parkside at the Parkside Banquet Hall. The show starts at 9pm until 1pm and tickets are $15 in advance. For tickets please contact GQ at 267 978 1780.

For more music from Dosage, please check out his Mixtape on entitled Sand & Foam:

(Click Cover For Download)


Profyle (born Creg Mark Dilon Effs in Kingston, Jamaica, the first of four children for Calvin and Catherine Effs) is a Jamaican singer, songwriter, and firefighter. His musical style combines elements of R&B, World, Reggae, Lovers rock, and gospel music. His goal is to be a positive influence to others through my music, and he plans to take my career to the highest level with the help of God, family, fans, and his friends.

Click To Download "Unconditional Love"

Sunday, August 1, 2010

We Dont Care - Milk and Teves

Reese Roc

Billion Dollar Dreams - Teves

(Click Cover to Download)

1.Teves-Da Campaign
2.Teves-Is You Wit It
3.Teves-Money Come & Money Go
4.Teves-Livin Da LIfe Feat. H-Money Tha Kid Grenade
5.Teves-We Fly Feat. H-money
6.Teves-Why Wouldn't We
7.Teves-We Gettin It Feat. Doughstackz, Tef, H-Money
8.Teves-F Ta Da Feat. Tef
9.Teves-I Get It Wet
10.Teves-Smooth Shit Feat. Tha Kid Grenade
11.Teves-Da Real Feat. Tef

Follow him @thisisteves

Trip B

We're glad to present to you "Trip B". Trip B is a recording artist from Newark, NJ, he is far from a rookie in this game. He has had a lot of time to perfect his craft nd he only has room to get better. His versatile style is going to take him a very long way in this game. Nuff said just download his track "Blowing on Jamaica" and you be the judge of this young artist talent

Click to Download: Blowing on Jamaica by Trip B

Follow him @TripBEIE

Mezmorized - Wiz Khalifa

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mr. Infamy

Name: Mr. Infamy aka AntDamnit! Government: Anthony Lateef Goodwyn Born: April 26, 1984 BirthPlace: Newark NJ This journey for hiphop began from day one, but without education, trial and error, and without passion this would not be possible. The oldest of three, Ant was born to be a leader and that is what he does best so who better than him to be the leader of this nation of hiphopheads.

It was around 1992 when Ant started freestyling to himself on his way to school. This was a daily routine that stuck with him all the way through high school. Before Ant was known as Ant or Mr. Infamy he started out as Ace, but Ace didn’t know how to write rhymes even though he had the flow.. As time went on Ant never gave up he just kept pushing forward and learning because he is still a fan first and foremost.

In 2000, Ant teamed up with L.O.S.T Ent. (Last Ones Standing Together) and started to get his feet wet. He did several songs with the L.O.S.T Ent. Camp, but the camp never did anything outside of a few songs and opening up for Dj Red Alert in 2002 at a college party in South Jersey. Ant adopted the name Mr. Infamy after studying Mobb Deeps LP “Infamy”. This was a milestone for Ant because this album showed him a deeper darker side of hiphop. The L.O.S.T Ent camp did not want Ant to use the name because they did not want to be associated with Mobb Deeps whole "Infamous style", but after a late nite freestyle on Rutgers New Brunswick college radio the name stuck with him even after the departure of L.O.S.T Ent. In 2003, Ant teamed up with Revvy Ruger (Revelation) and Aphorism and formed the group O.S.A (One Step Ahead). This is alsowhere Ant adopted the name A-N-drunk ass T because he would get drunk and spit some ill shit. O.S.A was based out of Boston, MA and did thousands of songs with a handful of shows across New England as close as downtown Boston, MA to as far as Burlington, VT. Outside of O.S.A the group Da Hoodfellas (Rev and Mr. Infamy) was formed and The Four Horsemen (Rev, Infamy, Aph , & Paces) were created. The Four Horsemen never did anything besides a few songs.

O.S.A was the bread and butter because of the different styles and it was the only solid foundation for the Wise Recs. camp. In 2005, O.S.A separated because of a fire which all members decided was a calling, so the group dismantled after releasing 5 different Mixtapes. (2003 O.S.A released The Connection Vol.2; 2004 O.S.A released Protection the Mixtape; 2004 Mr. Infamy released The Devils Playground Mixtape; 2005; O.S.A released Iron Bars The Mixtape 2005; O.S.A released The Last of the Blaze Mixtape) In 2005, Da Hoodfellas decided to revamp their game 360 degrees. The first step in revamping their game was creating the foundation which was FromDaBottom Ent. Da Hoodfellas wrote hundreds of songs to make up for the thousands lost in the fire; once they got the songs written and recorded they decided it was time for a power move.

That move was Newarks Most Wanted the Mixtape which was a highly anticipated in the middle of Newark. Newarks Most Wanted the Mixtape was supposed to be the ultimate underground hiphop mixtape to hit the scene. This mixtape was broken up into three different sections the first section was the Jersey mentality from loving Jersey to hating Jersey. The second part was the hustler mentality from slanging them thangs to slanging CDs. The third part was all about the pain and heartaches from the streets. The name Newarks Most Wanted was not Wanted for the legal reasons, but more Wanted for the lyrical reasons. There was a release party in Nov 2006 that pumped up the buzz even more, but in 2007 due to the legal situations Rev was facing (Armed Robbery charges) his lawyer ordered the distribution to stop because of some of the content. This was the reason for the hiatus in Da Hoodfellas music career. In 2007, Ant cut loose and went to pursue a solo career. He teamed up with FrankieFilth and the two collectively formed Root Se7en and Eight02 Productions..

Monday, July 12, 2010

ND$ (Nasser da $avage)

Take a listen to ND$ Leave a comment and add him on FB

Friday, July 9, 2010

Weaze Buck : March Madness Sweet Sixteens (Mixtape)

Click Cover to Download

Track List

1.Weaze Buck- 1st Name Last Name
2.Weaze Buck- Drop It Low
3.Weaze Buck (Pt.1)- Hustle and Grind
4.Weaze Buck (Pt. 2)- Money To Blow
5.Weaze Buck- Hater
6.Weaze Buck- Numbers Dont Lie
7.Weaze Buck- Real As It Gets
8.Weaze Buck- Cant Help But Wait
9.Weaze Buck (Pt. 1)- Soo Good
10.Weaze Buck (Pt. 2)- Sex Therapy
11.Weaze Buck- Daddys Home
12.Weaze Buck (Pt. 1)- Brand New
13.Weaze Buck (Pt. 2)- Bedrock
14.Weaze Buck- Gold Digger
15.Weaze Buck- Single
16.Weaze Buck (Pt. 1)- Invented Sex [Official Version]
17.Weaze Buck (Pt. 2)- Say Ahh
18.Weaze Buck- Fed Up [Official Version]
19.Weaze Buck- Im ill
20.Weaze Buck- Lambo Dreams
21.Weaze Buck- Kinda Like A Big Deal
22.Weaze Buck- Off That
23.Weaze Buck- 5 Star
24.Weaze Buck- Digital Girl
25.Weaze Buck- Come Close
26.Weaze Buck- Unstoppable
27.Weaze Buck- Just The Two Of Us
28.Weaze Buck- So Hard
29.Weaze Buck- In My Bag
30.Weaze Buck- Killa
31.Weaze Buck- Put On
32.Weaze Buck- Hottest In The Hood
33.Weaze Buck- I'm Good
34.Weaze Buck- Forever

KJ Spittin (Wise Guys) Freestyle

Newest Freestlye From KJ Spittin Show him Love

Pardon the Intermission

Sorry bout the brief site shutdown but we back in full effect bringing you all the Urban Hip-Hop music, news, fashion, all that Lets Goooo.......

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Weaze Buck March Madness

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Philly Cheesesteak skit

I had to post this I was reminded of this skit by my homie Caesar the Savage. When this album first came out we was in 6th grade and we would have this on repeat LOL. All my fellow philadelphians will remember this upon hearing it. For you out of towners this was funny then and its still funny right now but check it out tho

Gudda Gudda and Lil Wayne - I Dont Like the Look (Prod by Jahlil Beats)

Weaze Buck March Madness Day 15 and 16

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get Ya Grind Right vol. 4 -Trav2cool

Click Cover to Download

Track List

1.Stack Bundles - Hustler's Spirit
2.Fabolous - All the Way Turnt Up Freestyle
3.Vado - No Turning Back
4.Grafh - Bring the Goons Out
5.Cyssero - Taking Over ft. HotRod
6.Neako - D Boy Ft. Wiz Khalifa
7.T Dot- Hardcore
8.Blockz- Blood In My Body
9.Wiz Khalifa - Cabin Fever
10.Trina - Thats My Attitude Remix
11.Frontline - U Dont kno me
12.Meek Mill- Im Leerin
13.Oschino - Paper Chasing ft. Gillie
14.Joell Ortiz - NissanHondaChevy Ft. Jim Jones
15.Vibes - So Appalled Freestyle
16.Tone Trump - Im Workin
17.Bless McFly - On My Way Ft. Young Butta and Shaheedz
18.Jay Star - Long Day
19.Vado - Large On The Streets
20.Waka Flocka - Lock my CEO Up
21.Jay Star - Fuck Was You Doing
22.Jay Star - All I See

F. Cannon - Take Notes

Click Cover to Download

Track List

2.Fly Niggaz and Bitches
3.Cannon Shit
4.Dont Make Me
5.No Future
6.Destined for Greatness
8.Clap the Revolver
9.Every Girl Freestyle
10.White Linen
11.Build like Dat
12.Dance like a Model
13.Kick It With You
14.Flashy Fly
15.Mike Star Skit
17.Rappin and Trappin
18.Nuthin to a Boss
19.Know the Name
20.When its Cold Outside
21.Too Clean
22.Hooked on You
23.Straight Outta Philly
24.PH We Go Hard

Greene Team Money Gang - Rise 2 Fame Mixtape

Download here:

Follow Race

Weaze Buck March Madness Day 10

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tone Da Underdog - The Five Dollar Mic Session

(Click to Download)

Track List

2.Five Dollar Mic
3.Broke Rapper
4.Mind Made Up
5.All Eyes On Me
6.Slow It Down
7.My Two Cents
8.The Dilemma
9.A Way With Words
10.Dollar and a Dream
11.Kill The Beat
12.The Eye
14.9 to 5
15.A Nerds Love Note
17.Think Good Thoughts
18.Meant to Be
20.Keep The Change

Weaze Buck March Madness Day 9

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wacka Flocka

Everybody knows Wacka as Gucci young protege. But it seems the young rising star is always in something. Now we all know Wacka Flocka's Hit "O Lets Do It."

The radio is also buzzin with the "O Lets Do It" Remix Feat. Diddy, Rick Ross, and Ludacris. With that being said the young artist has created a nice buzz for himself. But it seems he is not appreciated or hes hated for some reason. Earlier this year he was shot in ATL during and attempted robbery. Soon after that Cash Money recording artist Brisco fired shots at Wacka as well as Gucci and OJ da Juiceman. Weeks after that Method Mans' Words were misconstrued during a Shade 45 interview. The media took it as Method Man saying that Wacka Flocka can't rap and he has no lyrics, When inall actuality the words I dont need lyrics were Wacka Flocka himself. Throughout it all Wacka has stayed humble and really has not disrespected or acted all crazy which shows are real he is, and only a hater would not respect that.

A few months ago Slick Pulla from Young Jeezy's camp and Wacka Flocka apparently had an altercation in Miami. Since then the two artist have been beefing. Ironically Wacka Flocka is From Gucci's camp and Slick Pulla is from Jeezy's camp, and I know everyone is aware of the Gucci and Jeezy beef. Yesterday March 4th 2010 a fight broke out between Wacka and Pulla's entourage outside of a clothing store in downtown ATL. Out of all of this commotion sources say Wacka Flocaka walked away with a bloody nose and a swollen eye. According to a tweet from Wacka Flockas' twitter it was the other way around. Now you must wonder will this bring new beef to the previously squashed beef between Gucci and Jeezy? Or will they defuse the situation being mentors to these new upcoming artist?

F. Cannon

Growing up on the streets of West Philadelphia, Michael Douglas was introduced to hip hop at an early age. Being raised by two young parents who loved Chubb Rock and The Wu-Tang Clan, he was no stranger to the rap life. Imitating the styles he heard on the radio, kids would surround Douglas’ table during lunch to hear his latest rhymes. After moving to New Jersey at the age of 14, he began to call himself “Young Flamez” which he later changed to “F Cannon” because other rappers had similar names. Soon teaming up with childhood friend “Tek” and starting the “The Thorobredz”, they began rapping and putting out mixtapes under his father who had become a well respected DJ in the neighborhood.

After releasing his solo mixtape “Take Notes” in 2009, F Cannon decided to link up with Platinum Heat Productions to help take him to the next level. Being a big fan of the ‘80s genre, everything from Hip Hop to Classic Rock, F Cannon is a very open- minded person when it comes to making music and lets every type influence his writing. He gets his hustle and motivation from Rap artists such as Jay-Z, Jadakiss and Fabolous.
For the 2010 year, F Cannon plans to tell his story of growing up on both sides of the fence; in poverty and in the upper class. F Cannon hopes to open people’s eyes and introduce them to his world.
Facebook name- Michael F. Cannon

March Madness Weaze Buck Day 5

TonE Da Underdog

Antonio Leaks was born on May 19th, 1988 in Sacramento, California to parents with substantial artistic backgrounds. His mother was a visionary, his father an actor. Both instilled in him at a young age, the significance of expressing himself. Influenced by artists such as Melvin Van Peebles, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, MF Doom, and Little Brother, Leaks never limited himself, but rather pushed himself to think outside the box.

Acting at a very young age, he realized his love for being on stage. Leaks found it entertaining to portray a completely different character then his own. This eventually led to his interest in becoming a film maker. His love for movies and film inspired him to produce them to convey his view of the world. He joined the DreamCatcher Films team, while attending Lincoln University (PA), when he realized that the individuals involved shared his vision.
Music was one of his many outlets as well. Ever since listening to the track “I Wish” by Californian artist, Skee-Lo, he was inspired to write rhymes. Coming from a multicultural background, Leaks draws from his diverse experiences to discuss subjects with a style that some would consider unconventional. Since performing under the stage name “TonE Da Underdog”, he formed a group with his high school friend, “J. Good”, called “The Worthy Adversaries.” After networking with more artists in the Sacramento area, Leaks helped create a networking alliance called “The Usual Suspects” which attracts numerous rappers, singers, and DJs. TonE’s solo composition, entitled “The Five Dollar Mic Sessions,” was released in the summer of 2009. With a strong faith in God, he manages to produce quality work in various fields.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

T-Breezy - Swagga on Deck

TJ Allen aka T-Breezy was born and raised in Harlem, New York and has been acting & rapping for most of his young life. That can be attributed to growing up in a Theatre/musical household. His father is the well-known music Producer, Timmy Allen (JIVE RECORDS). Whom was nominated for a Producer of the year award for "The Backstreet Boys" album titled "Black & Blue". And has also produced for such artists as R. Kelly, Britney Spears, JOE, the late R&B female songtress Aaliyah, Hi Five and the Infamous R&B Prince Chris Brown whom he discovered. As well as his mother Johhnie Mae who has lived in the theatre & in films most of her life in shows like Law & Order, The movie Notorious the Christopher Wallace story , also with Beyonce in the film Cadillac Records. T-Breezy is a charismatic 18 year old phenom from Harlem, NY whom shines when he's in front of an audience. He's been in TV commercials for companies such as Nike K-MART, and Verizon. He's done print ad work for NIKE-Kids, Foot Locker, G-Unit Clothing & much more. T-Breezy is also a current member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild); He has appeared in an independent film called "The Best Thief In The World". His role as the character "DICE" that won an award at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. T-Breezy is also featured in the upcoming film "Precious" starring Monique from the Parkers & Mariah Carey Cannon (that has Oscar Talks all around it). T-Breezy has been considered by his peers one of the top MC's of his generation as well as the top advocate for Gang Awareness, Youth Domestic Violence Awareness, & the Go Green Movement in his community. T-Breezy's hobbies include acting, singing, rapping, basketball, ice skating, roller blading, video games and dancing. T-Breezy is an adorable down to earth 18 year old and is sure to go far in life. One meeting with him is all it takes to realize that he's an up and coming star. Just take the time to meet and talk with him and you'll be convinced for yourself that "His future is so bright you gonna need some shades".

I know we are late over here with this Swagga on Deck movement but we still gotta share this with you. The dance is too cool, anybody can get down with it. Now go in ya mirror and get ya "Swagga on Deck" on Lets Gooo!!!!

March Madness Day 4 Weaze Buck

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Madness - Weaze Buck

Platinum Heat Productions & Weaze Buck Present: "March Madness" 30 Verses in 30 Days!!! Follow Weaze Buck throughout the month of March 2010 as he lays his verses over your favorite songs!!! Set to release at least one verse EVERY DAY this Month! Don't Chase Us, MySpace Us. Follow Weaze Buck on Twitter:

Add Him On MySpace:


The Intro

March 1st 2010

March 2nd 2010

March 3rd 2010

We are keeping you up to speed with Weaze Bucks' March Madness while he tears the internet up throughout the whole month of March. Shoutout to the whole Platinum Heat you can follow them @platinumheat on twitter and check them out at .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Soulja Boy Tell Em "Legendary"

3 Years After 'Crank That' Soulja Boy Tell Em Unleashes his "Legendary" mixtape alongside Dj Ill Will, Dj Rockstar & Dj Woogie. The "Deandre Way" (LP) dropping this Summer!!

From Crank Dat

To Successful

Soulja Boy has been on his music grind since he came out with Crank Dat in '07. No matter how much you may hate or love his music you must respect his grind. Personally I think he has gotten a lot better since his first album when it comes to lyrics, delivery, and track presence. With that being said he still has a long way to go before he reaches the level of one of the best , and can battle with other elite mcs in his genre of music, But he is still so young he has nothing but time and energy on his hands. Now check out his latest work Legendary and see what you think.

(Click on Link for Download)

1.Legendary Intro (3 Years After Crank That)
2.Legendary Pt. 1
3.When I Grow Up Prod by Jahlil Beats
5.UstreamTV Prod by Jahlil Beats
6.Cool Prod by Kajmir Royale
7.Legendary Pt. 2 Prod by Kajmir Royale
8.Forget About the Past Prod by Young Jerz
9.Mad Prod by Young Jerz
10.Legendary Pt. 3
11.Legendary Pt. 4 Prod by Kajmir Royale
12.Give Me A Dance
13.Legendary Pt. 5
14.Word Around Town Prod by Kajmir Royale
15.Bang Bang Prod by Camron Reams
16.Legendary Pt. 6 Prod by Kajmir Royale
17.Pretty Boy Swag
18.All Black Everything
19.2 Milli
20.The Best

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hip Hop Heads Vol. 1 Infamy Tv

The purpose of the nation of hiphopheads [] is to spread a diff sound of hiphop...the leader is not only the president but also an artist and a fan...while promotin his music and pushing the sound of other artist and producers the purpose of this site is to create a network of folks who eat breath and shit hiphop...from hardcore to battle raps from grimey to flashy we host it all...the latest hiphop gossip and topics can be found here...not even a year in the game and already makin a name we are known for free promos for artist and producers and well known for keep hiphop fans in the loop about new up and coming artist to independent artist and mainstream artist...simply put is the home of Mr. Infamy aka AntDamnit! the leader of the HipHopHeads cult...50% Da Hoodfellas eMCee Poet HipHopHead.

(Click on Link for Download)

1.Vol.1 Intro
2.KJ Spittin Intro
3.Let Me At Em [KJ Spittin]
4.Loch Intro
5.Put U On [Loch]
6.DaUBoys Intro
7.Boyfriend [DaUBoys]
8.Mr. Infamy Intro
9.Still Do My Thang [Mr. Infamy]
10.TreShaun Intro
11.State Ment [TreShaun]
12.NittyNill Intro
13.Down To The Nitty Gritty [NittyNill]
14.E.N.Y Intro
15.Block RockStar [E.N.Y.]
16.Ashy L Bowz Intro
17.Hood [Ashy L Bowz]
18.iGoon Dosha Intro
19.A-Yo [iGoon Dosha]
20.Da Hoodfellas Intro
21.Hiatus [Da Hoodfellas]
22.Mista Flo Intro
23.BadSide 2k10 [Mista Flo]
24.SouthPhilly Mel Intro
25.Obtain Big Bank [SouthPhilly Mel]
26.Vol.1 Outro

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Young Money

Are they one of the hottest Squads of all Time???? Da Roster is crazy

Awwwww Mannn!!!!!!

Dis Nigga Wayne Thats all I Gotta Say

Here go the verse but if ya'll really wann hear the whole song i got u


Here it is Trae ft Lil Wayne and Rick Ross Incredible

Friday, January 22, 2010

Down South Beef....... Brisco vs So Icey?????

Brisco dissin So Icey.....Im not sure exactly where the beef started, But apparently Brisco says his name was mentioned. Now in a track off of "The State vs Radric Davis" titled "Heavy" Gucci quoted "Wish a nigga would run up on me like im Brisco."

No matter where the beefs started Brisco throws shots at Gucci, OJ, and Wacka Flocka.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tunez On The Beat

Tone Trump Top Notch

To some, growing up in the rough streets of West Philadelphia could be a great effort, to someone like Tone Trump it was the beginning of his destiny. Growing up Tone Trump’s family had a strong musical background and his natural ability to excel at almost anything made him a musical force easily at an early age. His passion and motivation came from his influential mother, a mother that expressed both belief and hope in everything he set out to accomplish.

A multi faceted man, Trump was also a natural basketball prodigy. But not being able to resist the temptations of the streets, his basketball career fizzled after being expelled from high school. Although at the time it was devastation, it was exactly what helped him decide to focus his attention on music. Thanks to his solid foundation instilled as a child, Trump fought through the strife and quickly managed to become a Hip Hop Icon.

Influenced by such legends as Schooly D, The Fresh Prince, E.S.T., Cool C and Spade-O, Trump brings a new energy and a new life to the Hip Hop genre. Not only a brilliant artist, Trump is a devoted community activist. In addition to his annual clothing drives, he has spoken at numerous press conferences regarding violence in Philadelphia, and in 2007 was invited to speak at City Hall on different occasions to lend his voice to the community. Trump furthered this notion to end senseless crime in Philadelphia by appearing in and recording music for the soundtrack of “Close to Death”, a Docu-Drama about the murder rate in Philadelphia. He has gone on a National Tour with the “National Exodus Council”, which included performances in Prisons, Schools, and venues across the country to continue getting the message of non violence to his fans and the community.

In February of 2007, he was picked as a “Favorite Philadelphian” along with Jon Bon Jovi and Chase Utley in the Philadelphia Weekly. He has been featured on MTV’s T.R.L., Fox29, NBC 10, ABC and WYBE. In 2008 he was voted “MySpace Artist of the Year” at the Philadelphia Hip Hop awards and also received the award for “Clothing Line of the Year” for Merk Material. He has been nominated for the “Philadelphia Music Awards” and the “East Coast Hip Hop Awards”. His career has been followed by media so frequently that Trump has been featured on nearly every major Hip Hop website and publication such as Ozone Magazine, Foundation Magazine, and more.

Not only a rapper, athlete, and activist, Trump defines the word Entrepreneur. A partner in the Merk Material Clothing Line, Trump also formed Top Notch Inc. in 2007 with his partner Jon “Tinsel” Lis. Today Top Notch Inc. consists of 6 artists and successfully dominated the local scene with a flood of mixtapes and live performances.

For most people this would be enough, for Tone Trump it is simply the offspring of his first passion, music. Having been featured on major radio stations across the county, Sirius Satellite Radio, and numerous Internet Radio Stations, Trump continues to release single after single, all gaining critical acclaim. Having worked with some of the top producer’s in the country, his latest works have dominated the internet and radio waves. He has opened for top names in the business such as 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Gym Class Heroes. His live performance is truly a testament to his illustrious personality and unparalleled energy.

There is no doubt that Tone Trump is a legend in the making and 2009 may prove it. With a movie he co-wrote on the way called “Bustin the Traps” and his new album entitled “New Blood”, plan on seeing a lot more of the tattoos, big beard, and swag that can only define the awe-inspiring Tone Trump.


Snoop and Jay I Wanna Rock Remix

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Shit

Sox in the Air Remix-Shizz Nitty, Chuck 50, Sap, and Meek Mill

This shit Fire right here........

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jay-Z Responds to Birdman

Says his bank account is crazy lol

Video Provided by

Wacka Flocka Flame Shot

Earlier today at an Atlanta gas station So Icey recrding artist Wacka Flocka was shot twice in an attempted robbery. Apparently a few unknown men walked up to Wacka Flocka and demanded his jewelry, one the victim refused shots were fired and he was hit twice. Lets wish him the best....

Insane Instrumentals

Lil Wayne Instrumentals lets go

1.30 Minutes To New Orleans Instrumental
2.Real As They Come Instrumentals
3.Shes Freaky Instrumental (Dedication IV Exclusive)
4.Pump That Bass Instrumental
5.Something You Forgot Instrumental
6.Best Rapper Alive Instrumental
7.Breaking My Heart Instrumental
8.Red Rum Instrumental
9.Cannon Instrumental
10.Brand New Money Instrumental
11.A Millie Instrumental
12.Prom Queen Instrumental
13.3 peat Instrumental
14.Bullshit Instrumental
15.Gossip Instrumental
16.Drop The World Instrumental
17.Instrumentals - Lil Wayne - Let The Beat Build
18.Instrumentals - Lil Wayne - On Fire
19.Instrumentals - Lil Wayne - On Fire

Insane Instrumentals

This the one right here get ya'll download on. Gucci Instrumentals

Mixtape Tracks1.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Sttupid Wild
2.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Spotlight
3.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Classical
4.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - GingerBread Man
5.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Heavy
6.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - All About The Money
7.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Bad bad
8.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Bingo
9.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Kush Is My Cologne
10.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - I Think I Love Her
11.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Lemonade
12.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Ball Till You Fall
13.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Bitches Wanna
14.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Burrr
15.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - I Got All Of That
16.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - In My Business
17.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - On Deck
18.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - 3rd Quarter
19.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Trap House
20.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Pyrex Pot
21.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - You Know What It Is
22.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Beat It Up
23.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Love For Money
24.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - My Kitchen
25.Instrumentals - Gucci Mane - Shirt Off

Frontline Meets Shade 45 The Mixtape

Frontline Brings the heat what more can I say.... The Brodeo Day album was crazy like everybody knows that.... We're gonna be hearing a lot from Frontline this year nuff said........

Frontline Meets Shade 45 (Click Cover to Download)

1.DJ Self Intro
2.Big Rod - Hustla
3.T Dot, Big Rod, Cato - F.L.B
4.T Dot, Big Rod, Cato - Dont Kno
5.Shade 45 Premier - You In The Way
6.T Dot, Big Rod, Cato - G'z is Wit Me
7.DJ Self Drop
8.Frontline Interview At Shade 45
9.Shade 45 Premier - All Crazy
10.Shade 45 Freestyle pt. 1
11.Shade 45 Freestyle Pt. 2
12.Dj Self Drop
13.Shade 45 Listeners Battle - Jersey Jersey
14.T Dot - They Say
15.T Dot, Big Rod, Cato - Born in 85
16.Rudder, T Dot - Gotta Show Em

Monday, January 18, 2010