Friday, July 30, 2010

Mr. Infamy

Name: Mr. Infamy aka AntDamnit! Government: Anthony Lateef Goodwyn Born: April 26, 1984 BirthPlace: Newark NJ This journey for hiphop began from day one, but without education, trial and error, and without passion this would not be possible. The oldest of three, Ant was born to be a leader and that is what he does best so who better than him to be the leader of this nation of hiphopheads.

It was around 1992 when Ant started freestyling to himself on his way to school. This was a daily routine that stuck with him all the way through high school. Before Ant was known as Ant or Mr. Infamy he started out as Ace, but Ace didn’t know how to write rhymes even though he had the flow.. As time went on Ant never gave up he just kept pushing forward and learning because he is still a fan first and foremost.

In 2000, Ant teamed up with L.O.S.T Ent. (Last Ones Standing Together) and started to get his feet wet. He did several songs with the L.O.S.T Ent. Camp, but the camp never did anything outside of a few songs and opening up for Dj Red Alert in 2002 at a college party in South Jersey. Ant adopted the name Mr. Infamy after studying Mobb Deeps LP “Infamy”. This was a milestone for Ant because this album showed him a deeper darker side of hiphop. The L.O.S.T Ent camp did not want Ant to use the name because they did not want to be associated with Mobb Deeps whole "Infamous style", but after a late nite freestyle on Rutgers New Brunswick college radio the name stuck with him even after the departure of L.O.S.T Ent. In 2003, Ant teamed up with Revvy Ruger (Revelation) and Aphorism and formed the group O.S.A (One Step Ahead). This is alsowhere Ant adopted the name A-N-drunk ass T because he would get drunk and spit some ill shit. O.S.A was based out of Boston, MA and did thousands of songs with a handful of shows across New England as close as downtown Boston, MA to as far as Burlington, VT. Outside of O.S.A the group Da Hoodfellas (Rev and Mr. Infamy) was formed and The Four Horsemen (Rev, Infamy, Aph , & Paces) were created. The Four Horsemen never did anything besides a few songs.

O.S.A was the bread and butter because of the different styles and it was the only solid foundation for the Wise Recs. camp. In 2005, O.S.A separated because of a fire which all members decided was a calling, so the group dismantled after releasing 5 different Mixtapes. (2003 O.S.A released The Connection Vol.2; 2004 O.S.A released Protection the Mixtape; 2004 Mr. Infamy released The Devils Playground Mixtape; 2005; O.S.A released Iron Bars The Mixtape 2005; O.S.A released The Last of the Blaze Mixtape) In 2005, Da Hoodfellas decided to revamp their game 360 degrees. The first step in revamping their game was creating the foundation which was FromDaBottom Ent. Da Hoodfellas wrote hundreds of songs to make up for the thousands lost in the fire; once they got the songs written and recorded they decided it was time for a power move.

That move was Newarks Most Wanted the Mixtape which was a highly anticipated in the middle of Newark. Newarks Most Wanted the Mixtape was supposed to be the ultimate underground hiphop mixtape to hit the scene. This mixtape was broken up into three different sections the first section was the Jersey mentality from loving Jersey to hating Jersey. The second part was the hustler mentality from slanging them thangs to slanging CDs. The third part was all about the pain and heartaches from the streets. The name Newarks Most Wanted was not Wanted for the legal reasons, but more Wanted for the lyrical reasons. There was a release party in Nov 2006 that pumped up the buzz even more, but in 2007 due to the legal situations Rev was facing (Armed Robbery charges) his lawyer ordered the distribution to stop because of some of the content. This was the reason for the hiatus in Da Hoodfellas music career. In 2007, Ant cut loose and went to pursue a solo career. He teamed up with FrankieFilth and the two collectively formed Root Se7en and Eight02 Productions..

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