Friday, July 9, 2010

Weaze Buck : March Madness Sweet Sixteens (Mixtape)

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Track List

1.Weaze Buck- 1st Name Last Name
2.Weaze Buck- Drop It Low
3.Weaze Buck (Pt.1)- Hustle and Grind
4.Weaze Buck (Pt. 2)- Money To Blow
5.Weaze Buck- Hater
6.Weaze Buck- Numbers Dont Lie
7.Weaze Buck- Real As It Gets
8.Weaze Buck- Cant Help But Wait
9.Weaze Buck (Pt. 1)- Soo Good
10.Weaze Buck (Pt. 2)- Sex Therapy
11.Weaze Buck- Daddys Home
12.Weaze Buck (Pt. 1)- Brand New
13.Weaze Buck (Pt. 2)- Bedrock
14.Weaze Buck- Gold Digger
15.Weaze Buck- Single
16.Weaze Buck (Pt. 1)- Invented Sex [Official Version]
17.Weaze Buck (Pt. 2)- Say Ahh
18.Weaze Buck- Fed Up [Official Version]
19.Weaze Buck- Im ill
20.Weaze Buck- Lambo Dreams
21.Weaze Buck- Kinda Like A Big Deal
22.Weaze Buck- Off That
23.Weaze Buck- 5 Star
24.Weaze Buck- Digital Girl
25.Weaze Buck- Come Close
26.Weaze Buck- Unstoppable
27.Weaze Buck- Just The Two Of Us
28.Weaze Buck- So Hard
29.Weaze Buck- In My Bag
30.Weaze Buck- Killa
31.Weaze Buck- Put On
32.Weaze Buck- Hottest In The Hood
33.Weaze Buck- I'm Good
34.Weaze Buck- Forever

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