Thursday, March 4, 2010

T-Breezy - Swagga on Deck

TJ Allen aka T-Breezy was born and raised in Harlem, New York and has been acting & rapping for most of his young life. That can be attributed to growing up in a Theatre/musical household. His father is the well-known music Producer, Timmy Allen (JIVE RECORDS). Whom was nominated for a Producer of the year award for "The Backstreet Boys" album titled "Black & Blue". And has also produced for such artists as R. Kelly, Britney Spears, JOE, the late R&B female songtress Aaliyah, Hi Five and the Infamous R&B Prince Chris Brown whom he discovered. As well as his mother Johhnie Mae who has lived in the theatre & in films most of her life in shows like Law & Order, The movie Notorious the Christopher Wallace story , also with Beyonce in the film Cadillac Records. T-Breezy is a charismatic 18 year old phenom from Harlem, NY whom shines when he's in front of an audience. He's been in TV commercials for companies such as Nike K-MART, and Verizon. He's done print ad work for NIKE-Kids, Foot Locker, G-Unit Clothing & much more. T-Breezy is also a current member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild); He has appeared in an independent film called "The Best Thief In The World". His role as the character "DICE" that won an award at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. T-Breezy is also featured in the upcoming film "Precious" starring Monique from the Parkers & Mariah Carey Cannon (that has Oscar Talks all around it). T-Breezy has been considered by his peers one of the top MC's of his generation as well as the top advocate for Gang Awareness, Youth Domestic Violence Awareness, & the Go Green Movement in his community. T-Breezy's hobbies include acting, singing, rapping, basketball, ice skating, roller blading, video games and dancing. T-Breezy is an adorable down to earth 18 year old and is sure to go far in life. One meeting with him is all it takes to realize that he's an up and coming star. Just take the time to meet and talk with him and you'll be convinced for yourself that "His future is so bright you gonna need some shades".

I know we are late over here with this Swagga on Deck movement but we still gotta share this with you. The dance is too cool, anybody can get down with it. Now go in ya mirror and get ya "Swagga on Deck" on Lets Gooo!!!!

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