Friday, March 5, 2010

Wacka Flocka

Everybody knows Wacka as Gucci young protege. But it seems the young rising star is always in something. Now we all know Wacka Flocka's Hit "O Lets Do It."

The radio is also buzzin with the "O Lets Do It" Remix Feat. Diddy, Rick Ross, and Ludacris. With that being said the young artist has created a nice buzz for himself. But it seems he is not appreciated or hes hated for some reason. Earlier this year he was shot in ATL during and attempted robbery. Soon after that Cash Money recording artist Brisco fired shots at Wacka as well as Gucci and OJ da Juiceman. Weeks after that Method Mans' Words were misconstrued during a Shade 45 interview. The media took it as Method Man saying that Wacka Flocka can't rap and he has no lyrics, When inall actuality the words I dont need lyrics were Wacka Flocka himself. Throughout it all Wacka has stayed humble and really has not disrespected or acted all crazy which shows are real he is, and only a hater would not respect that.

A few months ago Slick Pulla from Young Jeezy's camp and Wacka Flocka apparently had an altercation in Miami. Since then the two artist have been beefing. Ironically Wacka Flocka is From Gucci's camp and Slick Pulla is from Jeezy's camp, and I know everyone is aware of the Gucci and Jeezy beef. Yesterday March 4th 2010 a fight broke out between Wacka and Pulla's entourage outside of a clothing store in downtown ATL. Out of all of this commotion sources say Wacka Flocaka walked away with a bloody nose and a swollen eye. According to a tweet from Wacka Flockas' twitter it was the other way around. Now you must wonder will this bring new beef to the previously squashed beef between Gucci and Jeezy? Or will they defuse the situation being mentors to these new upcoming artist?

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